Viking Helmets

The helmet would have been a very important piece of armor during the Viking Age.  The Gjermundbu style helmets are based on the only Viking Age helmet found in Scandinavia.  The Sutton Hoo and Valsgarde helms are pre-Viking Age helms.  The Spangen or Norman style helms were very popular during the Viking Age and were certainly worn by Vikings.  Helms are offered in several different gauges.  For steel, lower gauges are thicker.  16GA or 14GA helms are typically used for reenactment.  Real Viking helmets were not horned!

14GA steel.
From $149.00
2mm thick antiqued steel. Sizes Medium and Large
16GA steel
Richly decorated. 8th Century
Large Size 14 Gauge Gjermundbu Helmet.
Medium Size 14 Gauge Gjermundbu Helmet.
16GA steel. 25" inside circumference.
Economy Norman Pieced Helmet for the frugal Norman.
16GA steel with 3mm nasal. Medium and large sizes.
From $99.00
16 Gauge Steel. Great for large heads.
Great helmet replica from Valsgarde 5 at Vendel.
18ga Decorated Steel Helmet.
High quality replica of the incredible helmet found at Sutton Hoo.
High quality leather.
2mm thick steel. 24.5" circumference.
Richly decorated with embossed detail. 19GA steel.
16GA steel. Medium and Large sizes.
Light and comfortable protection for your head.
16GA steel, 24" inside circumference.
Display your helm with this great stand.
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