Frequently Asked Questions

Are items stocked?

-Yes all items are stocked and the website will give current stock status.  We do not backorder.


Are your weapons Battle Ready?  

-Many of them are considered battle ready, some are more costume or display.  The description should give you a good idea of the items use.  Battle ready means they are historical quality weapons.  This does not mean that they can be used for blade on blade theatrical style combat.  There are special stage combat swords for that type of use.  Please contact if you have any questions about specific items.


What forms of payment do you accept?

-Paypal, credit cards, and check/money order.


Do you take orders over the phone?

-We currently do not take orders over the phone.


How can I place an order?

-Orders are placed through our website.  We accept credit cards and Paypal online.  You can also place an order online and send a check/money order for payment.


Do you have a paper catalog?

-We do not have a paper catalog at this time, only an online catalog.


Do you have a storefront?

-We do not have a storefront or a show room at this time.


How much do you charge for shipping?

-You can find shipping rate information on our Shipping and Returns page.  You can also use the Estimate Shipping & Tax button in the shopping cart.  Tax is only accurate for US orders.  We have no way to calculate taxes, customs, VAT for other countries.


What countries do you ship to?

-We are currently only shipping to the US and Canada.  Since covid all other international shipments have been lost or delayed for a very long time.  


What currency do you use?

-All items are in USD.

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