Viking Swords

The greatest of Viking warriors have a sword.  Viking swords were single-handed and had a wide fuller down the length of the blade.  Most blades would be around 30 inches long with some being a little longer or shorter.  They are very light and balanced swords, typically weighing less than 3lbs.  The hilts often had a lobed or cocked hat pommel that was decorated with inlay.  Viking Shield stocks a broad range of high quality, historical Viking swords from Albion, Armour Class, Cas Iberia, Deepeeka, Hanwei, Kris Cutlery, Paul Chen, Tinker, and Windlass.  

 Note: You must be at least 18 years old to order anything that may be considered a weapon.



Sword Types

 Battle ready – these swords should do what a historical sword would do and are made for cutting. These will be sharpened or unsharpened. Unsharpened swords have an edge that can be sharpened. These swords are not for blade-on-blade type of stage combat.

 Stage combat – these swords are built more heavy duty than historical blades and can be used for blade-on-blade type of theatrical stage combat. These are usually referenced by fighting version, blunt, or reenactment sword.

 Decorative – these swords are recommended only for display or costume use. They are generally lower cost so we couldn’t guarantee their quality for other uses.



Historical Notes

Viking swords were all dangerous weapons as well as great works of art.  As you can see from the replicas we offer, the hilts were all for single hand use and the designs varied greatly.  Some had straight guards, some curved.  Some had pommels with lobes of different shape and size, others did not.  Most of them were very highly decorated, often with wire and inlaid metals. 

These swords were much lighter and well balanced than most expect.  The blades were mostly double edged, but there were also single edged long seax.  Early blades were pattern welded steel.

Some swords from Scandinavian sagas were considered magical.  Like Gram, the sword of Sigurd.  Originally a gift from Odin to the Volsungs, the sword is used to kill Fafnir the dragon.  The sword was also able to cut an anvil in two.  Skofnung is the legendary sword of Hrolf Kraki, known for being impossibly sharp.  Long after Kraki’s death the sword was taken from his burial mound and found to still be in perfect condition.