Drinking Horns

Join the feast with your own Viking drinking horn!  Huge selection for sale.  All of our horn items are real horn. Due to this they will be slightly different than pictured as no two horns will be exactly the same.  Color, shape, and size will vary.  Carefully read the product description, some horns are coated on the inside and others are not.


Drinking Horn Care:

Clean your horn after each use.  Hand wash with warm water and a gentle detergent.  A bottle brush should be used with deep horns to insure they are clean.  Do not use a dishwasher.  Do not drink hot beverages.  Polish outside with vegetable oil.  


Historical note:

Drinking horns have been in use since ancient times. The Scythians and Thracians are some of the earliest known users of these drinking vessels.

A Viking feast would never be without lots of drinking horns. Many of these horns would be beautifully carved and decorated with a rim and end of gold or silver. The Sutton Hoo find had some beautiful examples of well decorated horns.

They would most likely be drinking mead, beer, ale, or wine.

Horns are mentioned often in the sagas and seen in their artwork. Very often a Valkyrie is depicted offering a horn to a great warrior or Odin himself. They were likely used for rituals and important gatherings.


Viking Drinking Horns at feast