Replica Norse Statues

Our collection of replica Viking Age statues are based on real historical finds. Most of our statues are of the Norse gods such as Thor, Odin, Freya, and Frey, but we also have some other great replicas like Wayland the Smith. Many of these would have no doubt been used on altars to represent the gods themselves during rituals. A great look at the Vikings through the art they created.



Norse Gods:

The Vikings worshipped many different gods. These gods all have human traits and faults. The sagas give us many great stories involving these Nordic gods.

Odin: The Allfather is the supreme leader of the Norse deities. There are many tales in the sagas of his exploits, he often got involved with mortals.

Thor: The most popular of the gods. He is strongly associated with thunder and lighting, often called the god for thunder. There have been many finds of Thor’s hammer pendants worn by his followers. Many of his tales involve killing one troublesome giant or another.

Loki: The god of mischief. Starts out as one of the main gods and saves them on several occasions. Later he is imprisoned due to a character flaw.

Frey: The god of fertility and good harvest.

Freya: The twin sister of Frey. Goddess of love and fertility.

Tyr: A god of war and law. He is most known for sacrificing his own hand in order to bind Fenrir.



Fun Fact:

Most of the days of the week are named after the Norse gods.  Sunday is named after Sol, the goddess of the sun.  Monday is named after Mani, the goddess of the moon.  Tuesday is named after Tyr.  Wednesday is name after Odin or Woden.  Thursday is named after Thor.  Friday is named after Frigg.  Oddly Saturday is named after the Roman god Saturn.