Odin Statue

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Odin is supreme among the Norse gods and has many functions including being a god of war, poetry, wisdom, and death. This is a replica of a 7th Century bronze figure found in Lindby, Sweden. Odin appears to have a beard and is wearing a helmet, tunic and belt.  The original is missing an arm and the figurine appears to be missing an eye.  Our statue is 8" tall and made from Gypsumstone.  Weighs about 14oz.

The Saxons called him Woden and he was worshiped by the Germanic people. The earliest records of him are by Tacitus and from the late 1st century. By the Viking Age he was mostly worshiped by Scandinavia as Christianity had moved in. 

Uppsala temple in Sweden was likely the center of his worship during the Viking Age, according to Adam Of Bremen. He described it as being adorned with gold and having statues of Odin, Thor, and Freyr for worship. A golden chain surrounded the temple hanging from the gables, this made it visible from a distance. It is believed that sacrifices were made to the gods here.