Windlass Ulfberht Sword

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Copied from a sword shown in Ian Pierce’s book “Swords of the Viking Age” An old legend has it that a Nordic smith named Ulfberht developed the first all steel blade. This crucial development achieved near-mythical status among warriors, making this one of the most important swords in the study of medieval weapons. Several of these blades from slightly different time periods exist, some engraved in gratitude and reverence with Ulfberht’s hallowed name. Prior to the Ulfberht swords, all European swords were of the pattern welded variety. Soft iron bars were welded together with strips of steel, forged into a blade shape, then a steel edge was welded onto the sword. But, the Ulfberht sword was a quantum leap in both technology and design. Made not strips, but good carbon steel blades with enough carbon content to produce excellent swords. The design of the sword was also an improvement. The blade tapered more sharply to the point than did previous blades. This put the balance of the sword closer to the hand, making a sword that was faster on both the stroke and recovery than previous blades. The engravings on both sides of our blade are copied exactly so that our reproduction is identical, warts and all. Made of high carbon steel (actually better than the original) it is beautifully balanced. The grip is wood wrapped with leather. The stout crossguard is steel and the pommel is of the Brazil nut shape that was quite popular at the time, both with Vikings and the rest of Europe. A beautiful and important sword. Comes with scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Overall: 35-3/4" Blade: 30-1/4" long, 2-1/8" wide Wt: 3 lbs

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    Posted by David R Jones on Apr 13th 2018

    This was something that I had been waiting to get for months. It did not disappoint me at all. Right out of the box I was impressed with the construction. The entire sword is well crafted and the weight is impressive. I love this sword, the etching of the ULFBERHT is nicely done. This has know become the highlight of my collection. Overall I would honestly give this sword 5 out of 5 for quality. Thank you Viking Shield for carrying this.

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    Viking Sword

    Posted by Jimmy Merle on Apr 5th 2017

    Love this sword !!! Very well made and authentic. I'm happy to be adding it to my collection.

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    Ulfberht sword

    Posted by Limdle Hodges on Oct 31st 2016

    Excellent Sword.Looks exactly the originals.

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    Ulfberht sword

    Posted by Lindle J.Hodges on Oct 28th 2016

    Excellent sword.It is made exactly like a original Ulfberht sword I looked up online.Very light weight and sharp.I am planning on giving it to my grandson someday.

  • 5
    Beautiful sword

    Posted by Rick on Sep 17th 2016

    Nice solid sword, leather wrap is tight, well made would recommend to anyone.

  • 4
    Could Have Been 5 stars Easy

    Posted by Rollo Danes on Mar 18th 2016

    I Live the Ulfberht, I have only had it 1 day, My complaints are, Out of the Package, The Leather on the Handle Is Unwrapping itself, As soon as I pulled it of of the package I noticed this, The 2nd Is The Blade Is Not 100percent Straight, Very Well Ballenced Though, This Sword Is 100 Percent Real And Very Serious SO TAKE IT SERIOUS EXPECIALLY IF YOU PAID FOR SHARPENING!!! Still wandering if I should send it back and ask for another Because of the handle and Blade, Overall I give 4 out of 4, The Blade Is Straight But I see a Lil Crown in it, I would Be 100 Percent Sayifyed if I knew the Handle Was Not suppose to Unravel