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Viking finds always include hoards of Viking Jewelry. These finds also include a great number of coins from all over the world. Brooches, pendants, torcs, and rings made with incredible craftsmanship have been found. Thor's Hammer pendants were a favorite of the Viking warrior as it represented the mighty Mjollnir hammer of Thor.


Replica Viking Jewelry and Coins

Historical Note about Viking Jewelry:

While the Vikings are most known for being warriors and raiders, they also made lots of amazing jewelry. Most of their jewelry was made from silver or bronze. Not only is their jewelry beautiful, but it opens another window we can use to learn about them. Just what was the jeweler depicting? Our Valkyrie brooch for example most likely depicts a Valkyrie offering a drinking horn to a great warrior or perhaps Odin himself.

It is likely that the quality of jewelry worn by a person told much about their status. Those of higher status would have more jewelry. It is also believed that arm rings were used as currency. Pieces of the band would be cut off to pay for items.

Viking finds are filled with all sorts of jewelry including brooches, pendants, bracelets, rings, arm bands, torcs… We stock broad range of these items which you can view above.