Rawlings Single Hand Sword

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These synthetic-bladed swords provide an excellent option for sparring and theatrical use, being inherently safer than steel or aluminum.

The blades are designed to flex in the last one-third of their length towards the tip, allowing for much safer thrusting than with conventional wooden wasters or shinai. The blade/tang joint is reinforced by a high tensile steel rod running along the full length of the handle, so removing the handle flex typically associated with plastic training swords.

The grips are manufactured from a rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer, designed to absorb the impact of strikes and to provide a tight fit on the tangs.

Overall: 41.5"
Blade Length: 34"
Handle Length: 4.5"
Weight: 1.54 lbs
Point of Balance: 5.5"


Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.