Albion Hersir Viking Sword

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This style of Viking era sword is referred to as a Type H hilt in Petersen's Typology. It is the most prominent hilt type found on swords from the viking age and span a time period from late 8th C to late 10th C. On costly swords, the hilts were damascened with wire inlays of copper alloys, tin and silver. A few were left plain relying on the subtle effect of a well defined and polished iron surface. The pommel and upper guard of the Hersir are made in two parts, riveted togther, with a twisted sterling silver wire between the the pommel and upper guard. The hilt components are investment cast in mild steel from original waxes carved by Peter Johnsson, based on Peter's first-hand examination and documentation of period originals of this type. The blade is classified as a Geibig Type 3 (which might also be consider a sub-classification of the Oakeshott Type X). These are defined by a moderate taper in width and a fuller that taper in width towards the point. The type can be dated to the period between second half of the 8th C to the second half of the 10th C. Many of the famous Ulfberht swords are forged to this form. The Hersir has a character of authority but is also responsive in handling: a powerful sword that well represents the feeling of well preserved, good quality originals of this type. Each blade is made from a highly defined blade blank that is hand-ground to a fine satin finish. The blades are carefully heat-treated in the Albion Forge Shop to yield the best combination of edge holding and resilience. These swords will be sold sharp, unless otherwise requested by the customer. The grip is of stabilized birch, wrapped with cord and covered with the highest grade vegetable-tanned calfskin. Overall length: 37" Blade length: 30.75" Grip length: 4" Weight: 2.59lbs