Albion Thegn Viking Sword

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Thegn or Thane, is an Anglo-Saxon title (Anglo-Saxon: Þeg(e)n, Danish: degn, Old High German: degan, Old Norse: thegn or "king's follower") meaning an attendant, servant, retainer or official, usually in a military sense similar to the later "knight." The curved upper and lower guards of this sword and the three lobed pommel with the prominent middle peak are typical features for Anglo-Saxon swords of this period. The type is also found in Scandinavia and Petersen dates these type L swords to the second half of the 9th C in his study of Norwegian Viking swords. The two side lobes on the pommel may on some swords show clear signs of being stylized beast heads, while on others the simplification has progressed so that the lobes are just saddle shaped semicircles. The upper and lower guards are usually thinner than those found on other contemporary swords. They tend to be deeper across instead, like a broad boat shape when seen from the blade. Another typical feature is the short grip. On most originals this is around 3.31" (8.4 cm) or less. A short hilt combines with the curving guards to a surprisingly secure and comfortable grip. The Thegn has slightly slimmer dimensions than the other swords in this line. The blade is still broad at the base and the fuller is wide and well defined. This makes for a sword with quick handling characteristics. The unique pommel, with its two saddle-shaped side lobes, are accented with a twisted strand of sterling silver wire on each side. The blade is hand-ground from high-carbon steel to a fine satin finish, heat-treated by hand for maximum flexibility and to take a fine edge. These swords are sold sharp, unless otherwise requested by the customer. The grip is of stabilized birch, wrapped with cord and covered with the highest grade vegetable-tanned calfskin. Overall length: 34.5" Blade length: 28.75" Grip length: 3 3/8" Weight: 2lbs