Legends In Steel Viking Seax

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This longseax has a blade that is decorated with Viking runes etched into it.  Made from 1095 steel with a very sharp blade.  Blade is about 21" and the overall length is 28.5".  Weighs about 2lb 12oz.  Comes with leather sheath.  Grip is leather wrapped, but it is thin.  It appears that the tang is just wrapped in leather.  This would be a very nice display piece.

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    Handle with care!

    Posted by Horton Deakins on Jun 1st 2022

    Holy guacamole, Batman--they werent kidding when they said it is very sharp! If youre looking for something to take to a re-enactment, or to brandish at a festival, Id advise selecting a different seax. This knife is about the same size as a Roman gladius, but with a different shape, of course. The single edge is sharp enough to cut paper, and the tip is like a needle, so it will cut and it will kill. The workmanship is equal to, or better than, the price you pay, but despite its sharpness, I doubt it would win the championship on Forged in Fire. For the price, though, you wouldnt expect that. There are a few barely noticeable boo-boos, but overall it looks pretty cool. There is a solid layer of leather over the handle--which appears to basically be the tang--and then there are strings of leather wound around to give a better grip. I had planned to actually make a wooden handle for it, but I decided that was not necessary.
    Like the decorative Viking sword I bought, this came smothered in some sort of grease, even on the grip and on the outside of the plastic sheathing. Over that, it is wound with bubble wrap and packed with a little paper inside a small box, which itself is packed with paper inside a larger box. I used WD-40 and paper towels to remove the grease, and then I coated the metal with electric razor blade oil.
    The sheath fits, but it's designed to protect both you and the blade, not to be easy to draw or re-sheath. It has a strap, but Im not sure how it is intended to be used. I'm guessing the seax is intended to be slung over the back. If you do get this and wear it to a festival, I would do something to make sure no one could draw the seax and hurt someone.
    I have a very sharp, tool-steel katana, and I feel much safer handling that than I do this seax. They are of a similar weight, and katana has a much more comfortable, ergonomic handle.
    This would look really cool in a glass display case. Just be very careful handling it.